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Wedding in Burma


Traveling is always fun, and you never know what you will run into.  We were overnight in Yangon, Burma, staying at a high-end hotel and lo and behold: a wedding!!  (what more could a wedding planner ask for?)

I lucked out and saw the bride and groom taking photos prior to the reception (I missed the ceremony!)  It was fun to see the gal (in the turquoise dress) who was helping them.  At first I thought she was the wedding planner…but it turned out she was the mistress of ceremonies.

I sort of crashed the reception.  The mistress of ceremonies began on the stage doing a welcome to the guests.  All in Burmese, I might add.  But by now we know the word for “hello” or “welcome”  and she used it a lot!


The entrance to the room had a flowered arch at the doorway and the grand entrance was to a slow, romantic song. The bride and groom entered first, followed by the two sets of parents.


They all went up onto the stage, and the mistress of ceremonies continued with a “history” of the couple. The only reason I know it was a history is because I heard her saying in English: University of California and California Polytechnic Institute.  (the bride and groom were both in western attire, and I’m sure that was the reason). After that, they began the wedding banquet, and I went to re-join my friends.


What a wonderful experience!  Hopefully I will see another wedding on this trip …but, you just never know what you’ll run into when you travel.

Celebration of Life Event Planning

the special event with carol rosen
carol rosenI’m proud to announce that I’ll be speaking at The Special Event with Carol Roleder and Craig Tolliver from Craig’s Crew. Our educational session is titled: Celebration of Life Event Planning and will be held on Wednesday, January 16th.

This informative session will introduce attendees to the process of marketing and executing event planning services to families and businesses in the funeral industry. Losing a loved one is overwhelming enough, but making arrangements to host 50 to 500 of your friends and relatives, in a short period of time, requires special handling by even the most seasoned event planner. We will share our experiences over the past several years as it relates to planning full-service events at the drop of a hat; including the knowledge it takes to provide services for a variety of cultures and religious backgrounds.

We are pleased to be presenting this information, as funerals are not an often discussed subject…yet everyone must eventually deal with the events surrounding a death in the family. And, in the event planning industry, we are often called upon to aid with these arrangements.

If you are attending TSE in Chicago in January, please consider attending our session. To register for The Special Event, click here.