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A Wedding in Cambodia


So…There we were in Cambodia, outside of Siem Reap, driving through the countryside; and along the way, in one of the villages we passed through, was a house decorated for a wedding.  Wedding ceremonies here are held at home; the reception might be at home, or in a restaurant.


The table set up outside, in front, is on a stage with a special backdrop.  A ceremonial knife is placed on the table.  When the time comes, the priest arrives, and the village elders and the parents of the bride and groom give the couple a ceremonial hair cutting.  The priest oversees this to be sure it is done correctly, and to give the blessings.  (I wish we had seen it… I would have loved that!)


Following the haircutting, the bride and groom go upstairs with the priest (and family) and the bride washes the groom’s feet. The priest gives them instructions on marriage and life; and instructs the groom to give all of his money to his wife….(this place is too good to be true!!).


We were invited to come back for the wedding; but it didn’t work into the schedule at all…such a shame.  Anyway, I was able to get a photo with the bride and groom, even though she didn’t have her makeup done yet.  Her nails were lovely, however.  Wish we had seen her dress….I didn’t have the courage to ask.  The groom was Chinese and from Singapore and the bride is Cambodian and works at the airport … that’s where they met.  I did give him one of my cards, and requested a wedding picture.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get one?